Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Who's Namelia-J?

So, what is Namelia-J, huh?

Well, basically, Namelia-J is that typical, average life blog a girl could ever hope to find on the net. It has everything -- from the top, must-have trends of the season, to the splurge-worthy items of the day; interactive personality quizzes, to in-depth articles about life. Namelia-J was made by real teenage girls, FOR real teenage girls. Our blend of pop-trendy and rock-chic will (hopefully) have you urging for more, more, more!

All in all, Namelia-J is everything you could possibly want in a blog! It is a lot like a magazine; minus all the stuff you don't want, and chock-full of all the important details.

Talk about worth your money, don't you think?

But the best thing is -- get this -- its all, super-duper, one hundred percent FREE of charge! :D



So, who's behind this lovely girl life blog, hmm? Talk about modesty, these crazy clowns have no qualms whatsoever about taking all the credit!

The "Na" half of Namelia-J, N. Hannah is also the founder of the whole blog life idea. Though most of the times seen slacking off and bumming around, Hannah -- believe it or not -- tends to be a tad bossy when it comes to ideas she thinks will work out fine.

Her inspiration for the Namelia-J, you ask?

Sofie's January issue of Seventeen magazine and a few iconic teen websites.

Do not be fooled by the Namelia-J impression, however; Hannah isn't as fond of the color pink as much as the rest of the crew are. Frequently dressed in black, Hannah's fashion sense rotates more around simple but dark shades.

To learn more about the "boss" behind Namelia-J, check out her blog HERE.

Melissa, or, better known as "Mel", is the "Mel" half of Namelia-J.

Ever the aggressive one, Mel is often forced to kick the rest of the crew's lazy butts into shape -- even if she has to yank them by the ears.

Sabah-born Melissa is definitely the one you go to for fashion advice. All the clothes shown here, in fact, would not have been posted up at all without her nod of approval.

Besides this, Mel is also the glue that sticks the whole thing together (granted, of course, that this glue is much stronger than most others). Without her, we would probably never have gotten along with all our crazy schemes and plans for world domination.

Upon touching her taste in fashion, however, Mel enjoys bright, pretty colors. She isn't at all afraid of mixing and matching, and her dressing style often exudes confidence.

Wanna learn more about Mel? Find out HERE.

Sofia Namelia is the "Ia" part of Namelia-J.

Though usually a tad on the (ahem) bimbo side, this not-blonde has, actually, a very good head on her shoulders.

She's the business half of the crew. From finance to research, Miss Goddess of All Things Shiny does it all.

Elegant and classy, Sofie also has no qualms about toning it down a little with just a pair of stylish jeans and a warm hooded sweater. Her sunnies, usually, happen to be the centerpiece that completes her entire look.

Refined, but never over-the-top, Sofie also has an unabashed fetish for all things SHIIINY.

Dying to find out more? Read all about Namelia-J's business girl HERE.

Staying up til dawn and sleeping in til the afternoon; that's the job of our one and only tech-geek.

Making up the last bit of Namelia-J, is Hajer, the, of course, "J" bit.

Thanks to her brilliant work on Photoshop, our homegrown tech-geek has been able to design all the great stuff you see here today -- every tiny detail is brushed and polished to perfection; every HTML-code smoothed; each splash of color hand-picked -- enabling you to feel at immediate ease in the comfort of our life blog.

Honest to God, we'd be no where without her!

When asked on her take on fashion, however, Hajer prefers easy-going comfort clothes like a pair of shorts and a quality T-shirt. A little bit of a boy at heart, Hajer adds the funk to the otherwise overly girly pink layout.

Need to know more? Just visit her "be-awesome" blog HERE.